Our Data

This section outlines the data we have gathered and the sources.

Where our data comes from

Our UK company data comes from Companies House. Our international company data comes from OpenCorporates.com. Our links to Modern slavery statements come from numerous sources including:

  1. Submissions by organisations who have drafted their own statements
  2. Submissions by members of the public
  3. Submission by TISCbots (TISCreport technology intelligently gathering and sorting statements and other relevant data)

The Data We are Collecting

Global Business & Human Rights Open Compliance Data...

  • TISC UK Section 54 Statements
  • Welsh Ethical Employment Code of Practice Compliance Data
  • TISC CA Statements (Jan 2018)
  • Conflict Mineral Statements (Jan 2018)
  • EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive (ongoing)
  • French Corporate Duty Of Vigilance Law
  • Anti-Bribery/KYC/MLA (ongoing)
  • Child Labour Due Diligence Law
  • Swiss Responsible Business Initiative

Unique Identifier Data

  • Company numbers
  • VAT numbers
  • Web addresses
  • DUNS 
  • TRNs
  • Social media identifiers
  • Financial data

Proprietary or Sensitive Data Sets we are integrating with

  • Supplier non/partial compliance status 
  • Intelligence from International NGOs: in high-risk countries with access to factories
  • Corporate intelligence agency data: with intelligence data on procured materials
  • Corporate e-procurement system user data: sharing sector-relevant anomalies on suppliers
  • Government department data: with non-compliance violations and prosecutions that are inaccessible via other sources
  • Deeper supply chain tier data:through aggregated leverage from public & private sector members who choose to share

Native and Third Party Supply Chain Transparency & Compliance Tools built on/integrated with TISCreport Data

  • Machine-readable statement builder/convertor
  • Supplier Dashboard for monitoring compliance
  • Bespoke integrations via API
  • Transparency Tools Marketplace: third party apps and services
  • Third party data overlays (as required, available via customisation service)
  • Member supplier directory: enabling industry expert members to provide their services to organisations in need of additional expertise/consultancy

If you have questions about our data

You can send in your questions about our data via our contact page.