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Procurement Policy Notes 06/21

Who is it for?

Our PPN06/21 Carbon Reduction Plans dataset aggregates reports linked to on supplier websites, for all potential and current suppliers on our supplier/procurement dashboards.

The subscription is designed for professionals in key roles responsible for sustainability and compliance within their organisations, including:

  • Sustainability Managers: Overseeing and implementing sustainability initiatives and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Procurement Officers: Responsible for selecting and managing suppliers, and ensuring they meet required standards and policies.
  • Compliance Officers: Ensuring the organisation adheres to legal and regulatory requirements, including PPN 06/21.
  • Supply Chain Managers: Managing and optimising the supply chain to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Managers: Leading the company's CSR strategy and initiatives to enhance corporate reputation and sustainability.
  • Environmental Managers: Focused on developing and executing environmental policies and practices within the organisation.

What can it do for you?

Our aggregated Carbon Reduction Plans provide essential data and insights that can significantly benefit those responsible for accessing suppliers and prospective suppliers, as well as those tracking industry best practices:

  • Inform Supplier Selection: Use detailed carbon emission data to assess and select suppliers that meet your sustainability criteria, ensuring a greener supply chain.
  • Enhance Supplier Management: Maintain comprehensive records of your suppliers' carbon reduction efforts, enabling better management and collaboration to achieve sustainability goals.
  • Benchmark Against Peers: Keep track of carbon reduction reports from sector peers, allowing you to benchmark your practices and strive for better-than-best practice in your industry.
  • Improve Supplier Relationships: Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability by engaging with suppliers on their carbon reduction plans, fostering stronger, more cooperative relationships.
  • Support Strategic Decision Making: Leverage in-depth carbon data to make informed decisions that align with your organisation's environmental and strategic objectives.
  • Achieve Continuous Improvement: Utilise the insights from our plans to drive ongoing improvements in carbon reduction, staying ahead of regulatory changes and industry trends.

More about the product

PPN 06/21 (Procurement Policy Note 06/21) mandates that organisations must have a Carbon Reduction Plan in place to bid for central government contracts above a certain value (£5M). This policy underscores the importance of sustainability and carbon reduction in public sector procurement, ensuring that suppliers actively contribute to the UK's net-zero emissions target. TISCreport aggregates available reports found on the websites of your suppliers (and prospective suppliers if you use our Procurement Dash), so that you can ensure they prequalify for your tenders.