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why companies are joining tiscreport

8 reasons companies are joining tiscreport

  • Tools, help, support and guidance for reporting
  • Share sector intelligence
  • Guaranteed neutrality: no tiering, no ranking, no benchmarking
  • Support the UK anti-slavery helpline
  • Retain complete control
  • Secure authentication and timestamp
  • Amplify your transparency
  • Monitor your supply chains

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Tiscreport working in partnership with Unseen to end slavery

We donate 50% of all membership fees to Unseen to sustain the UK anti-slavery helpline.

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Who we're inspired by

We have some very amazing supporters who have all in some way inspired us and helped us to get this far. Here are a few...

"To tackle slavery we can't keep doing what we've always done. Only through collaboration, transparency and the power of technology can we innovate our way to a fairer world. I encourage all businesses to not only submit their statements to, but to make the words count. Share the data that will help to ensure slavery has no place left to hide."

Baroness Martha Lane Fox

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