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  • What is the modern slavery act 2015?

    The Modern Slavery Act will enable law enforcement to tackle modern slavery by providing law enforcement agencies with tools to fight the perpetrators and strengthen protections for victims. In addition, the Act includes a ground breaking transparency in supply chains measure which requires any organisation carrying on business in the UK and with a total turnover of £36M or more to produce an annual statement on the steps they are taking to prevent modern slavery in their supply chains and own organisation.

  • Do I have to report every year?

    Yes, if your turnover is £36M and over. However many companies have told us that they will be reporting even with lower turnovers. This makes us very happy.

  • I want to join but we don't yet have a statement to share. What should I do?

    Join us! We work on membership subscriptions, and with us you will get 12 months access to ongoing help making sure your compliance is actually making a difference, and finding more ethical clients who feel the same way. You should start by signing up for the user authentication process. This means that your identity (and those of any other team members who need to join you) can be authenticated in advance, so that when you do actually have a statement to share, you can do so without delay. 

  • How much will membership cost?

    You can submit your company statement anonymously without for free. However this will also mean that others can do the same. In the spirit of the legislation, making your submission public would make for far more impact. 

    So you can join as an affiliate member FOR FREE if you have an annual turnover of less than £36M, or if you are a charity or public sector body.  We do some basic online partial authentication for free but this is not full authentication, which is available as an option for a timestamped membership and submission. We charge a nominal fee of £20+VAT for fully authenticating each user per company using the same standards as Companies House, and this optional for affiliates. This is a one-off administration charge linked to the user nominated by your company.

    If and when you are ready to subscribe as a paid member (12 monthly), which will provide support for drafting your statement if you need it, we have a number of subscriptions to suit your needs and desired level of involvement, starting at £200+VAT per year (all excluding credit card handling charges,sorry), or £100+VAT if you represent a small company. Here is a full breakdown of features and benefits of the membership levels.

  • What is the membership fee used for?

    The tiscreport open data modern slavery statement registry is our commitment to end modern slavery. The membership fees are split between our charity partners Unseen for administering and supporting the UK Anti Slavery Helpline, and ongoing storage and (internal) analysis of the statements you provide us with. We are the ONLY registry working in partnership with the Helpline in this way. The intelligence we are able to extract across sectors will feed into helping our members improve their impact, as well as into the work of law enforcement agencies and others to support the UK's fight to stamp out modern slavery.

  • Our company would also like to contribute in other ways to combat slavery. Who do we talk to in order to take this forward?

    There will be an opportunity at the point of becoming a member for your company to contribute more directly towards the Helpline, and this will be completely tax-deductible. If you want to offer more specific support (from promotional support through to funding specific anti-slavery initiatives) please use our contact form to get in touch, and someone will be back in touch with you. 

  • Why do I have to upload my statement to you?

    We have developed an international, open data registry for filing all MSA statements, which in turn will be searchable by members of the public. By submitting your Slavery and Human Trafficking statement to us, we will be able to independently verify that you are in compliance with section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. We will also publish a live index of business performance by sector, including those who fail to report.  Businesses who file their statement with us will be able to include this action as one of the steps they have taken to support the UK in fighting modern slavery. In addition, as a civil society register complying with government register guidelines, we will provide you with a unique tiscreport.org link to the statements you upload, which will also contribute to your transparency efforts for your next statement.

  • I've found another reporting portal that claims to be the central modern slavery statement registry, and so I uploaded my report there. Why do I need to upload my report with you too?

    There is NO single central repository. The Government (including Minister Sarah Newton, Baroness Williams, Lord Keen of the Home Office) has clearly and repeatedly stated that there will be no choice of a single solution and that the open market will be allowed to flourish around modern slavery data. If you are worried about having to choose a register/repository and have no preference on approach then we recommend that you support all of them.  We are building in a user-controlled function to enable members to submit of statements to other registers from within tiscreport, in an effort to join forces with other open data initiatives. We need more collaboration and openness, not more silos.

    The tiscreport registry is not only increasing transparency with a data driven approach, it is the only modern slavery statement registry partnering and funding the official UK Modern Slavery Helpline and Resource Centre, tendered by Polaris to our award winning charity partners Unseen. It is the ONLY registry in an official partnership with the helpline, and as such supporting it by becoming a member will in itself be an action you can report in your future statements.

    Our own registry is neutral with no ranking or tiering, and our focus is on data integrity to allow others to access and analyse on their own sites. Other registries have chosen to rank and tier, which some businesses will find valuable in holding them to account. Ours is an international open data registry that also enables easy compliance checking. With data analysis techniques we aim to provide businesses access to best practice from their sectors. If this approach and these features are valuable to your business, then we would love for you to join us. 

  • When do we need to submit our statements?

    There is no deadline, however Home Office guidance recommends publishing your statement within 6 months of the organisations year end. We would urge companies to file as soon as they are able so that their statements can be put to good use sooner. Tiscreport will show you which of your suppliers are due beyond their recommended due date through the supplier dashboard.

  • Why can't we just upload our statements to our own websites?

    All organisations must upload their statement on their own website with a logo on the home page in a prominent place.  However, the central repository will increase transparency by providinga central place for analysis of your reports to feed into future policy and intelligence on slavery and trafficking. By having all the data in one place you are helping to combat slavery in partnership with others in your sector. We also are able to provide consultancy and support within your sector specialisms, and enable your company to make progress much faster than working in isolation.

  • Are you an official partner of the Home Office for this reporting?

    No. We are a social enterprise and charity partnership aiming to use your statements to end modern slavery within our lifetimes. We announced, at the Home Office TISC event on 21st March 2016, that we were setting up a central repository working with and donating funding for the UK Modern Slavery Helpline, and Resource Centre. A central repository has been called for by many Parliamentarians and businesses to increase transparency and make it easier for consumers and others to view the statements. The Home Office is supportive of such a central website and welcomes the innovative approach we are taking.

  • Where can we find help to write our statement?

    We provide training and support line services depending on which packages you would like to sign up to. Or, if you have everything in hand you can simply use our statement submission service.  The resource centre we are developing to support the national helpline and the repository will also provide advice and support to organisations in complying with the Act and writing their statements.

  • I'm sold. How do I submit a statement for my company?

    Fantastic! It's simple. Register on our site. Once you have verified your account by clicking the link in the email we send you, you will be able to add your company to your portfolio by click the "My Account" button at the top right of the screen, and then select the "Add companies to your dashboard" option. Search for your company in the search box that appears, and then "Add to dashboard". This will take you to the dashboard with all your companies listed. Select the company and you should see a list of todos. Click "Request Access" to be authenticated for being an administrator for that company. This will trigger a user authentication process against that company which will start as soon as you've paid the authentication fee (£20+VAT). You'll need a credit card. User authentication can take up to five working days (just like Companies House), but you will then be sent the access code for your company.

  • We have a group of companies. Can I upload modern slavery statements for all of them through one account?

    Many of our group company members opt for either Vanguard or Partner membership which allows you further functionality to be able to manage multiple statements or multiple links to the same statement online. Get in touch with us so we can work out which one is best for you.

  • Will my company or statement be ranked or tiered against other companies or my competitors by tiscreport.org?

    No. We are providing a neutral platform for all business members to file their transparency statements. Once shared with tiscreport.org, your statement is made available to everyone publicly. We want your statements to inspire positive actions in other companies because we know slavery exists in every supply chain.  We will do all we can to achieve our end goal by working in partnership with our members, and providing useful tools and resources in order to help our members do so.

  • Why isn't the UK government setting up a public register through Companies House or BIS?

    Whilst we can't speak for the UK government, we were told that a civil society solution was expected to take on this provision, and tiscreport was created as a social enterprise in partnership with Unseen to do just this. As the only registry partnered with the UK Anti-Slavery Helpline, we hope that this self-sustaining model of provision provides the best of both worlds without impacting on the taxpayer.

  • How are you ensuring that there are no conflicts of interest between the business members you represent and your work and donations towards preventing slavery in supply chains?

    The first and most important thing we've done is to be an open data initiative. This means that our data is available for all to scrutinise, correct and add to. No matter what happens to us, our data will remain available to all under open data licence.

    The second thing we've done is set up three tiers of scrutiny by a three tier governance structure: our overarching governance board, our business advisory panel and our data strategy board. We report to all three, and these in turn monitor everything we do, from our partnerships, to setting best practice to how we administer our open data.

    The third step is becoming a b-corp. As a social enterprise by b-corp, we have signed up to levels of business transparency usually required of significantly larger companies.

    We set up tiscreport as a social enterprise to end modern slavery in partnership with all those who wish to work with us. We do not, and never will, provide a safe haven for deliberately bad actors, and are wholly focussed on creating transparency tools and providing good quality data to make doing the right thing really easy. We hope that you will join us too.