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Organisations linked to sanctioned entities

What can it do for you?

Nations are implementing sanctions against Russia for their invasion of Ukraine. However, sanctions alone will not be enough. There has been a call for all companies to temporarily suspend business activity with Russia. Companies can act far more quickly than governments. An effective corporate resistance will maximise the chances of achieving a peaceful outcome more quickly. Apply the freely provided UK, EU and US sanctions data to your dashboard to see where you need to investigate further.

More about the data

This data is offered to all members for a "pay what you can" pricing model. We want all companies to take action, regardless of financial situation. However, with financial contributions from organisations that can afford it, we can work on making other data available to help you make your decisions on trade, or other sanctions. We hope you would consider contributing for our analysis on this dataset - you can contribute here.

We have analysed the sanctions issued by UK, US and EU governments against individuals and corporate entities. With this data we have examined UK registered organisations and company director's names, addresses and date of births to flag any organisations which have matched via the company name or identified as a company director. Given that sanction targets often use multiple aliases across multiple countries it can be difficult to match an individual with 100% certainty so we would encourage you use this data as a means to narrow down your search and as a starting point for your own investigations.

With each sanction entity match we provide the following information:

  • What the match was (either Corporate entity or an individual)
  • The reasons the match was flagged