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Supplier dashboard

Who is it for?

All organisations no matter how large or small will have a supply-chain, whether this is buying coffee at the local supermarket or sourcing raw materials abroad. It is important to ensure that the suppliers are compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. This includes laws related to labor, environmental protection, and product safety. 

What can it do for you?

The supplier dashboard helps businesses ensure that their supply chains are compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. It does this by providing a centralised and secure platform for managing supply chain data, as well as by providing tools for auditing and tracking compliance.

As consumers are looking towards ethical and transparent companies it is more important than ever to demonstrate you are doing your due diligence as an organisation. With this tool you can monitor your supply chain and choose to publish summary statistics about your supply chain on your public transparency profile page.

More about the product

We offer this tool to all members on premium plans and we are able to offer a preview version to all Basic members so you can try out the dashboard before subscribing. We also have a fascinating demo looking at the FTSE 100 where you can try out some of the features.

Identify your suppliers

The first step of monitoring your supply chain is to know exactly who you are buying from. You can import your suppliers on mass using the CSV import feature and this will automatically identify each financial entity using official registries and link up with the compliance data we hold for each company or organisation.

If you already are using 3rd-party systems to keep track of your suppliers you can automatically sync those to your supplier dashboard using one of our integration services.

The latest data

See the latest supply chain activity directly from your supplier dashboard or choose from summary notifications straight to your inbox. Our data is in a constant cycle of updating from official registers, our TISCbots or directly from the organisations themselves so you can be confident the information you are working from is reliable.

There are multiple datasets included with the supplier dashboard which will get you started and we have an ever-expanding library of datasets available which you can add to your dashboard à la carte.

Custom reporting

Use our powerful filtered search to generate a report of your suppliers which meet (or don't meet) your criteria so you can identify risk or celebrate those suppliers going the extra mile. Download the summary charts of your supplier metrics to use in your reporting so you can measure improvement over time.

Celebrate transparency

The supplier dashboard is entirely confidential to your organisation and we wouldn't expect companies to publish who their suppliers are. However, with the supplier dashboard you can choose to publish certain metric and statistic charts on your transparency profile page to demonstrate the steps you are taking towards buying from ethical suppliers.

Frequently asked questions

How do I add this to my plan?

The supplier dashboard is included with all premium member plans (and free for public sector!). To start using the supplier dashboard, ensure you have added your organisation to your workspace and you will be presented with the option on your workspace to access the dashboard!

If you are a Basic member you can start using the supplier dashboard for the first 50 suppliers for free!