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Payment Practices and Performance Regulations Compliance

What is it?

This data subscription enables you to see which of your suppliers or watched companies are within scope of Payment Practices and Performance Reporting Regulations 2017, and their available compliance records.

Who is it for?

This data subscription is for Company Officers with responsibilities in:

Procurement & Supply Chain
Risk & Finance
Sustainability & CSR
Compliance & Legal
Investor Relations
Ethical Business Development

What can it do for you?

Using Payment Practices Reporting (PPR) data as part of your due diligence can provide valuable insights into the financial health and stability of a business. Here are a few reasons why it can be beneficial:

Assessment of payment behaviour: PPR data allows you to evaluate a company's payment behaviour and track its historical payment performance. It provides information on whether the company pays its suppliers on time or faces frequent delays in settling invoices.

Risk identification: By analysing PPR data, you can identify potential financial risks associated with a company. If a business consistently pays its invoices late or exhibits a pattern of late payments, it could indicate cash flow issues or financial instability. 

Supplier relationships: If a company maintains a good payment track record, it suggests that it values its supplier relationships and is committed to maintaining healthy business partnerships. A company with a history of late payments or payment disputes may indicate strained relationships or operational inefficiencies.

Benchmarking and industry analysis: This analysis can help you understand how a company's payment behaviour aligns with industry standards. It can also provide a basis for negotiation and determining fair payment terms, allowing you to make informed decisions during business transactions.

Financial forecasting: By examining payment patterns through PPR data, you can gain insights into a company's financial performance and liquidity. This information can be valuable when forecasting cash flows, assessing creditworthiness, or evaluating investment opportunities.

More about the product

The Payment Practices Reporting data subscription also forms part of the Decent Work (UN SDG 8) ESG Bundle, incorporating the powerful datasets of Prompt Payment Code signatories and suspensions, and will soon have a Prompt Payment Score for participating buyers.