Help sending mail merge invites

Creating the mail merge

To generate your mail merge spreadsheet for your suppliers, go to your Supplier Dashboard and click the "Invite to Verify" tab. Next click the "Generate invites" button; this will download a spreadsheet with a list of your suppliers and a unique invite code. If you have imported contact email addresses for your suppliers then the email column will be populated otherwise you will need to enter the email addresses for each supplier.

Depending on your email client, the instructions can vary. Please click on your email client version for specific instructions:

If you are unsure what to write in your email to your suppliers, you can use the following as a template:

Subject: The Modern Slavery Act 2015


{{ YOUR ORGANISATION NAME }} has a commitment to work to the requirements of The Modern Slavery Act 2015 and we continue to take our obligations seriously.

As part of our due diligence work, we now wish to work with you to drive and strengthen the controls and reinforce those obligations pursuant to The Modern Slavery Act 2015 and ensure that all of our supply chain partners have the necessary controls embedded to support those obligations.

To this end {{ YOUR ORGANISATION NAME }} has partnered with to increase the transparency of our supply chain. You will be able to check your own tier 1 suppliers for Modern Slavery Act compliance and supply chain risks by adding them to a private, secure dashboard. We will not have access to your tier 1 suppliers. However if you choose to share the summary metrics we will be able to use them to be able to report more accurately how your company has increased our supply chain transparency.

The link to your profile is here: {{ PLACE UNIQUE INVITE URL HERE }}

Yours sincerely


Confirming invites in TISCreport

Once you have sent your invite emails to your suppliers you will need to let us know to complete your Affiliate validation.

To do this return to your Supplier Dashboard and again go to the "Invite to Verify" tab. Then re-upload the mail merge spreadsheet you downloaded previously (just ensure the reference ID is still the first column in the spreadsheet) and click "Import data". Once you have invited the required amount of suppliers your Affiliate status will granted automatically.