Companies asked to comply by the UK Home Office FAQ

Welcome to TISCreport! If your organisation has received a letter from the Home Office asking you to evidence your compliance on then this FAQ is for you. We are building a bank of questions and answers that are commonly being asked and will post them here. 

TISCreport is the world's largest Transparency In Supply Chains Register. We work with the Home Office, Welsh Government, and numerous other UK Government Departments. Our mission is to join compliance with Transparency and Human Rights legislation at the top to vulnerable workers on the ground. We're doing this all over the world with a rapidly growing community of businesses who believe that there is no room for exploitation of any kind in their supply chains.

We have a full set of FAQs available for you to find out more about us and our mission.

In order for us to report your compliance to the Home Office we need to be able to verify your identity in relation to your organisation to the required level.

TISCreport has agreed a two step authentication process with the UK Government Digital Service. The first step is to register as a user. The second step is to authenticate your user account for the company (or companies) you wish to administer. 

Paid membership is of course the simplest route, and starts at a very affordable (for companies over £36M turnover) £200+VAT a year. This enables us to authenticate you as a fully subscribed member by providing a unique code that will be given to you by one of your Company Directors or Designated LLP Members. The act of their handing you this code will be enough to make you the designated account holder with board level approval.

Or you if you do not have any budget assigned for Section 54 compliance, you can subscribe for free with our Affiliate Membership.  By providing information to verify your relationship to your organisation OR placing a tracking code we provide on your website, we can partially authenticate you so that your statement submission can be included in our report to the Home Office.


No. We've got good news for you: you don't have to share with two different sites at all. Instead you can simply tick a box within your TISCreport account and our systems will share your statement to the Modern Slavery Registry automatically.

We have implemented this useful functionality as part of the UK Government Digital Service (GDS) directive to "Ask it Once" (we worked closely with GDS to develop TISCreport so that it would integrate directly into GOV.UK digital infrastructure and systems).

At the very basic level, TISCreport is free for you to use to register your compliance with the UK Modern Slavery Act. So if you have been given no budget for meeting the obligations set out by Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act, you can still make a difference. We've created the Affiliate account so we can partially authenticate you for administering your organisation without having to charge you. You can also monitor your tier 1 suppliers and see their compliance statements for Section 54. 

However, for those who do have an available budget for tackling modern slavery in supply chains, we can really add value to your compliance and finance teams, saving time and energy by gathering non-financial data. You can also gain advantage by accessing increasing intelligence from the TISCreport community, some of whom share the same suppliers and buyers as you. A full breakdown of membership features and benefits should help you determine what is best for you, and if you need more information just give us a call on (+44) 117 9273113.

And if you need to provide services to your own clients using TISCreport data and services, you can also add a commercial subscription to your membership account. Contact us for more details.

TISCreport is a B-Corp Social Enterprise with a mission to end modern slavery in the world's supply chains. A full set of FAQs are available on TISCreport to answer other questions you might have. However you choose to join the Transparency Movement on TISCreport, thank you for joining with us.

Yes! You can start using the dashboard within your account as soon as you've subscribed to one of the membership levels. By uploading your supply chain into the dashboard you can start tracking your suppliers. Paid memberships provide access to more features and benefits than the free account. However you can see modern slavery statements, B-Corp and Living Wage status of all of your suppliers for free.

No. You can either create a completely separate free account for each entity OR once you complete the free affiliate authentication process for the first company it will enable you to add more subsidiaries. You can administer each of those subsidiaries on the same dashboard as long as you are able to authenticate using one of the subscription levels for each subsidiary. Many large Groups administer their subsidiaries this way. Once you have been authenticated your statement submission will be added to our report to the Home Office. 

The alternative is a paid membership (depending on how many entities you have), in which case we can set up your dashboard for you. If this is something you wish to do please let us know - we have Partner level for less than 20 subsidiaries and Vanguard level for those with more. The authentication process is by registered letter, with no need to share supply chain data or add code to your website.

If you need help setting up your dashboard for multiple subsidiaries, don't hesitate to get in touch. We'll be very happy to help you. We also have onboarding services if you need help adding your suppliers. Call ((+44) 117 9273113) or drop us a line and we'll come right back to you.

Yes. If you go to your account you will be able to add another statement, and if you assign the correct financial year to the statement then the new statement will supersede the old one.

1) Simply go to "My Dashboard" in the top right hand corner of the home page. 

2) If you haven't completed your subscription process, please do so by following the instructions appropriate to your chosen subscription level.

3) On your dashboard next to your company, select "Submit Statement"

4a) If you are uploading a file, select "Upload File" and then "Upload"

4b) If you are adding the URL for your new statement then select "Enter URL" and add the URL for your new statement in the "Statement URL" box.

5) In both cases make sure that you select the correct financial year. This will ensure that the latest document will be filed against the right financial period.

6) Then select "Attach Statement" or "Upload Statement"

7) Click "Finish and Save"

If you need help please give us a ring on (+44) 117 9273113 or drop us a line via our contact form from the bottom right hand corner of the screen using the "Need help?" button.

In the letter you received from the Home Office, you will have received a code for use before the 19th November, where there are resources to help you draft your statement.

Additionally, while we are not legal experts but we've seen many statements that we class as best practice. If we know your sector, we can help you locate example statements in your sector that we hold on TISCreport so that you can get an idea of what else you can do to improve the impact of your compliance beyond basic tickbox compliance.

It is not mandatory to submit your statement to TISCreport. However the Home Office have asked companies to register with us because we're helping with their planned audit on the 31st March 2019. As a result a vast proportion of companies with existing compliance statements (with similar letters) are setting up accounts on TISCreport so that they can submit their statements and statement URLs as proof of compliance against their company numbers. 

Once you do so (you will need to subscribe to a membership account, which can be done for free), we will be able to add your company to our compliance report to the Home Office. You will also be able to check your suppliers' compliance using the dashboard.

If you haven't already checked the resources provided by the Home Office to ensure that your statement itself is compliant then it would probably be a good idea if you did so. A vast number of companies have interpreted Section 54 differently, and you'll find the guidance provided really helpful.

In 2015 we were asked by the Home Office back to create a self-sustaining solution to help monitor compliance with Section 54 of the UK Modern Slavery Act. It would have cost the UK tax payer several million pounds to create a Modern Slavery statement repository within UK Government. Our social enterprise, Semantrica Ltd, committed to creating an open data register, TISCreport, where the cost would be borne by those in the private sector who could afford to pay. Zero taxpayer money has been spent developing and we rely on membership fees to continue our Supply Chain Transparency work. 

Our official relationship with the Home Office is now through our seat on the UK Home Office Transparency In Supply Chains Advisory Group. This feeds into the Modern Slavery Strategy and Implementation Group (MSSIG). We also report regularly on compliance figures back to the Home Office Modern Slavery Unit. 

The TISCreport logo (and generated code) just needs to be somewhere on your site close to where you have the link to your statement. So it can be applied to either your home page where that link is, or the Modern Slavery statement page of your site. This will enable us to keep checking for statements going forward in an automated way. It doesn't need to be on every page.

Please note that Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act as it stands requires that your link to your actual statement is on your home page for full compliance. Please check the Home Office resources to make sure everything else is correct (including the signature from a member of your board).

Many companies use our site to point people to when asked for statements. All you need to do is upload your statement using the "Upload" tab. You will also want to do this every year for as long as the legislation requires it.

The Home Office code is just for logging into their resources portal on the Home Office site. You do not need to use it elsewhere and we at TISCreport do not need to know it in order to enable you to register with us.

We're not lawyers, and we cannot say how the Home Office will interpret your particular situation or your implementation of the compliance requirements. However it is our understanding that law expects that the statement will be on whatever corporate site you have, regardless of which language or country it is for. You should get legal advice if you are unsure.

The option for making it available to those who ask for your statement is only applicable for those who have no website at all. If it helps, we have many members who have published statements on their non-UK sites (Japan, US, Australia, Germany etc). 

1) Go to

2) Click "My Dashboard" in the top right hand corner of the home page

3) If you have added your organisation already, click "Options"

4) Select "Organisation Dashboards"

5) Select the "Supplier Dashboard" radio box and click "Create". You now have a supplier dashboard and you're ready to upload your suppliers!

6) In the "Overview" tab, page down and  either search for your suppliers manually and add them one by one OR you can upload them via csv. For CSV Import click the "CSV Import" button and follow the instructions. The more you upload the more you will learn about your suppliers.

7) Once your suppliers have been uploaded the system will do an intensive matching process to ensure that we have identified the correct financial entity. Any unmatched suppliers will appear in your "Need Linking" tab. You may need to invite these suppliers to verify their full company names and details to ensure that you are tracking the right financial entity.

8) Verified Suppliers will provide you with even more supply chain insight than those that are unverified. You can use our mailmerge templates to invite them without having to share email addresses with TISCreport.

1) Register yourself as a user, using your corporate email address rather than a private one:

2) Once logged in, click "MY DASHBOARD" in the top right hand corner of the home page

3) Add your organisation to your dashboard using the search. 

4) Click the "SUBMIT STATEMENT" button next to your listed organisation.

5) You can then either add the URL of your statement or upload a copy of your statement using the "Upload File" or "Enter URL" tabs respectively.

6) If you are uploading a file, use the document browser to locate the correct file, select it and then click "Upload". Enter the appropriate financial year and then choose if you want to share your statement with other modern slavery repositories.

7) Click "Attach Statement"

8) and finally "Finish And Save"




You can actually do this via your account:

My Dashboard  > My Account > Edit Account

and you can change your email address there using your password.

You can also get a new password if you don't have it handy here:

Your company was requested to register with TISCreport by the Home Office because we are helping them to monitor compliance with Section 54. Using TISCreport to evidence your compliance will reduce the cost to the taxpayer. It will also enable you to share your statement directly with the Modern Slavery Registry with a single click. Unlike other repositories, our register was built to authenticate company compliance, being built to UK Government Digital Service standards. 

As you may be aware, there is currently no Government-owned central repository for companies to evidence their compliance because there was no provision in the legislation for such a repository. The TISCreport register was created in 2015 by our social enterprise, in partnership with the UK Government Digital Service using their standards, to fill that gap without use of any Government funding, and to become a funding stream for the UK Anti-Slavery Helpline through membership funds raised from businesses that could afford it. Whilst the UK Modern Slavery Act Transparency in Supply Chains clause may be changed as a result of a review that is in progress at the moment, this may or may not result in the creation of a Government (taxpayer) owned register. The gender pay gap register maintenance tender has been capped this year at £1.6M (inc VAT per year). We hope to continue to save the taxpayer at least that much a year with our work whilst we help companies reduce their supply chain risks through their transparency. 

Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act is focussed on transparency in supply chains.  We're a Transparency in Supply Chains register. Tracking compliance documents are only part of what we do (we work with the Home Office for monitoring compliance with the Modern Slavery Act). Our system aggregates potential non-financial supply chain risks and makes it available to buyers.

We enable companies complying with Section 54 to simultaneously use their supplier data to:

  1. evidence their compliance (sharing suppliers is an act of supply chain transparency)
  2. track compliance and supply chain risks within their tier 1 suppliers
  3. authenticate the identities of their Compliance Officers in relation to their companies
  4. increase the transparency of their larger (and smaller!) buyers, reducing their supply chain risk.

Only your suppliers will see that you've added them to your dashboard, if they have also been fully authenticated via one of the subscription methods. Similarly, you as a supplier will only be able to see which private buyers are monitoring your transparency on TISCreport if they have been fully authenticated, giving you complete peace of mind on confidentiality and security. 

As Section 54 requires you to report what steps you are taking, joining the TISCreport community for monitoring your supply chains is a zero or low cost step that you can report in your next Modern Slavery Statement.

You can see all the local government bodies that have shared their supply chains on our new transparency map:

Many big brands have also shared their supply chains as open data. This trend is set to continue and accelerate.

The code provided is a unique piece of HTML code which will need to be placed somewhere on the homepage of your website.

The HTML code itself is the Affiliate TISCreport logo with a unique reference to your company so TISCreport can verify the logo has been installed correctly. You can choose a light or dark version of the logo from within your account (be sure to copy the code again after selecting the colour). Most companies have chosen to place the logo in their footer alongside the link to their modern slavery statement.

Your web developer will need to add the code to your website's HTML template file in order for the logo to be displayed in the browser.

Once your code is added to your website it will enable our AI bots to continue to track compliance with Section 54 of the UK Modern Slavery Act whilst simultaneously partially authenticating your user account for your company without needing to charge for full membership.