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TISCreport Procurement Dashboard

Procurement Dashboards

TISCreport procurement dashboards will enable you to assess potential suppliers against non-financial pre-qualification criteria using the unique data sets in TISCreport. Procurement dashboards are available for subscription for one-off (up to three month) procurement exercises or annually. Multiple procurement dashboards can be subscribed to for large teams running multiple concurrent procurement runs. The data sets you have subscribed to in TISCreport will be available within your procurement dashboards. The dashboards also enable you to easily aggregate more information from suppliers that can then be shared with other buyers in order to reduce administrative burden on both procurement teams and potential suppliers (otherwise known as an "Ask It Once" approach, coined by the UK Government Digital Service). 


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Membership Organisation Dashboards

Membership Organisation Dashboard

For sector-based accreditation and/or skills-focused membership organisations wishing to track compliance and other data sets relating to their members, this dashboard allows organisations with accreditations (B Corp, Living Wage Foundation, Prompt Payment Code and many others) to authenticate their accreditations for use within tenders. They also enable the reporting of many different non-financial data sets. Chambers of Commerce are using TISCreport to assess their memberships through numerous lenses, including United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Investment Portfolio Tracker Dash

Investment Portfolio Tracker Dashboards

Institutional Investors have been crying out for the ability to assess their portfolios for human rights, sustainability, and environmental indicators. Formal ESG ratings exist of course, but as we have seen from recent headlines, they can be misleading. However there are behaviours that can be tracked through other non-financial indicators that will enable an investor to see if greenwashing, whitewashing and other types of damaging behaviours are at play. These non-financial indicators are usually far more useful in assessing the credentials of a company in combination with formal accreditations and certifications because they are harder to game. Consequently, investors are far more able to see greater social impact from their investments through using unique TISCreport corporate behavioural data sets. 

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Loan and Grant Applicant Dashboards

Grant & Loan Applicant Dashboards

With the right data infrastructure, it is now possible to enable regional governments and grant awarding bodies to be able to assess whether applicant companies meet certain criteria, including levels of tax transparency. THis dashboard is currently available on a limited basis to regional government entities only. However if this is useful to your organisation in reducing the risk profile of your clients for example, then please get in touch. 

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