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Modern Slavery Act statement AI audit

Who is it for?

For those organisations required to comply with the UK Modern Slavery Act and value the importance of the legislation can use this tool to validate their statements against the criteria set out by the Home Office.

Also those organisations who are not necessarily within scope can use this tool to go the extra mile in doing more good and less harm.

What can it do for you?

This tool will automatically audit all Modern Slavery statements submitted to TISCreport for each organisation in your workspace. Our trained AI will measure the statement content and your website against the criteria set out by the Home Office to provide guidance on how to improve.

Although the majority of organisations understand the requirements of the legislation, it can be a simple error which makes your statement non-compliant. This tool aims to pick up on those errors as an extra validation tool for your statement.

More about the product

This service is offered to all of our premium members for no additional cost and unlimited usage!

We have trained our TISCbot AI to read from statements found or submitted to TISCreport and measure each statement against the criteria required to comply with the legislation. As well as auditing the content of the statement, the TISCbot will also audit the organisation website to ensure full compliance in accessing the statement.

If your statement doesn't meet all of the criteria, we'll discreetly let you know so you can make any of the necessary improvements.

Our TISCbot will check for the following criteria:

  • The statement clearly identifies itself as a UK Modern Slavery Act statement
  • The statement clearly identifies the financial year it covers and that it is up-to-date
  • The statement is published on the UK website and is prominent on the homepage
  • The statement is approved by the board of directors (or equivilent)
  • The statement is signed by a director (or equivilent)
  • The statement clearly identifies which financial entities it applies to