TISCreport referenced in UK Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner Report

Published on: 17 October 2017

Kevin Hyland OBE confirms TISCreport as having benefits for businesses engaging with our register.

The whole of the report from the Anti-Slavery Commissioner can be accessed via the link below:


Or you could skip straight to page 33:

"The Commissioner has been working with civil society organisations who are developing central repositories for modern slavery statements in order to help hold companies to account and drive up the quality of reporting. The Commissioner has examined the benefits of the two current central repositories offered for lodgement of supply chain statements and was provided with expert advice by barrister and businessman Mr. Adam Parr. Both models have their own benefits and can be accessed at the discretion of each individual business."

The assessment of TISCreport as a register began with a consultation in December 2016 by the UK Independent Anti Slavery Commissioner looking at two solutions. We were interviewed by both Kevin Hyland and by Adam Parr. This then led to the consultation response that both systems had their merits and should both continue to do what they were doing.

Neither register was specifically mentioned in his report but TISCreport has been specifically named in Home Office promotional material as well as in the IASC evidence to the Australian Government.