TISCreport member Tony Chocolonely help Ben and Jerry to tackle slavery within the cocoa industry

Published on: 30 September 2022

Ben and Jerry's follow Tony Chocolonely in the mission to tackle modern day slavery in the cocoa supply chain.

Ben and Jerry’s joins Tony Chocolonely’s mission to create chocolate that is child labour and modern day slavery free. As a valued member of TISCreport, it is great to see ‘Tony Chocolonely’ inspire and influence brands such as ‘Ben and Jerry’s’ to adopt an open and ethical supply chain.

Following in the footsteps of Tony Chocolonely, Ben and Jerry’s has become the first ice cream company in the world to start sourcing traceable cocoa, partner with strong farmers and pay higher wages. It is positive to see a large and influential company like Ben and Jerry’s recognise that change is needed within the business and that the cultural and ethical issues are being addressed.
The new partnership between the two brands will encourage other companies to source their products through fair trade and ensure all people involved along the supply chain are being treated equally and fairly.

At TISCreport, we strive to support businesses and corporations to provide full transparency in their supply chains. Together we can unite to drive out modern day slavery.
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