TISCreport fraternity forms 15 percent of the top 100 Modern Slavery Influencers Index

Published on: 17 May 2018

Baroness Lola Young in partnership with Dr Shamir Ghumra and the BRE and Gordon Miller of Sustain Worldwide launched their top 100 index today and some TISCreport stars were among them...

After a long build up the list of the top 100 Influencers in Modern Slavery was revealed today at the Marshalls' Design Centre in London. Baroness Lola Young, Dr Shamir Ghumra (BRE) and Gordon Miller (Sustain Worldwide) brought the anti-slavery community together and revealed the list (but not the order). The full list can be downloaded here:


Out of the 100-strong list we had a number of the TISCreport fraternity featuring, including:

Professor Bela Arora, University of South Wales (Welsh Gov Code of Practice)

Chris Blythe OBE, CIOB (TISCreport Business Advisory Group member)

Michelle Carpenter, Verisk Maplecroft (South West Human Rights Group)

Alexandra Channer, Verisk Maplecroft (South West Human Rights Group)

Emma Crates, CIOB (Author of the Construction Industry Report using TISCreport data)

Justine Currell, Unseen/Anti-Slavery Helpline (TISCreport charity partner)

Andy Davies, London Universities Procurement Consortium (the first procurement consortium to join TISCreport)

Paul Gerrard, Director of Campaigns & Policy at Cooperative Group (TISCreport member and passionate campaigner for human rights)

Kate Larsen, ERM (early days supporter of TISCreport and very knowledgeable human rights champion)

Hannah Lerigo, Human Rights, Cooperative Group (Human Rights Campaigner)

Chris McCann, Resilient World (TISCreport Business Advisory Group member)

James Sinclair Human Rights Lawyer, (TISCreport governance board member)

Andrew Wallis OBE, Unseen (TISCreport charity partner)

Kim Ann Williamson (now MBE!), CPS

Whilst these champions are involved with many anti-slavery projects and initiatives, and not just friends of TISCreport (we're not an exclusive club but an inclusive fraternity dedicated to system change), we can't help but feel proud that we know them and that they are being recognised as comrades in the war against modern slavery!

Finally, Jaya Chakrabarti, CEO of TISCreport was also recognised in the list too, which is down to the hard work of the entire TISCreport team, in particular Stuart Gallemore, Ross Tovey and Guada Brockman.

Today was long day but a good day for human rights!