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The war in Ukraine is the culmination of a full-spectrum information war. We must use our networks, our supply chain leverage, our data, our communication channels and our technology to help bring back peace.

Companies can help end the war in the Ukraine

Nations are implementing sanctions against Russia for their invasion of Ukraine. However, sanctions alone will not be enough. There has been a call for all companies to temporarily suspend business activity with Russia. Companies can act far more quickly than governments. An effective corporate resistance will maximise the chances of achieving a peaceful outcome more quickly.

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    Upload your suppliers to your dashboard

    You can upload your suppliers via a simple csv file upload. TISCreport will then match them to corporate identities that can be confirmed, highlighting where they cannot be matched exactly.

  3. Step 3

    Regularly check your dashboard for potential links to Russia

    Apply the freely provided UK, EU and US sanctions data to your dashboard to see where you need to investigate further. Not every Russian company is tied to the Kremlin, but many major Russian companies are. You can use our data to make an informed decision.

  4. Step 4

    Take action, report back and ask suppliers to do the same

    Investigate companies that match entities listed in sanctions and take action. You can ask all of your suppliers to join and take similar actions using the free data on tiscreport.

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We want all companies to take action, regardless of financial situation. However, with financial contributions from organisations that can afford it, we can work on making other data available to help you make your decisions on trade, or other sanctions. Corporate structures, links via directors to other potentially connection organisations, and links to companies in jurisdictions where ownership cannot be confirmed.

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