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Here's a preview of some of the projects to be launched on our TISCreport member funded transparency add-ons site, where we place all our members' requested features.

Once members hit our development funding budget for any feature we will develop it, rewarding our members with early access and sponsorship opportunities.

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Vana: the Afforestation Data App

Help nourish the roots of a deliverable tree growing strategy not just in the UK, but scalable to the entire planet where open corporate data exists.

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UK City Transparency Report
A live report showing city supply chain transparency and engagement with section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act in the UK

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Real Living Wage in Supply Chains

1) Celebrate and promote Real Living Wage Suppliers to Ethical Buyers on TISCreport

2) Enable Ethical Buyers to benchmark and increase the number of Real Living Wage Suppliers in their supply chains

3) Derive meaningful data for visualisations on the impact of increasing the number of Real Living Wage Suppliers to report back to shareholders and stakeholders.

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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Tracker 1.0

Drive the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to the top of corporate and government agendas all over the world.


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Promptful: The Prompt Payment Tracker 1.0

Help TISCreport transparency tech and open data ensure fair pay for businesses and prevent one of the biggest causes of in-work poverty.

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TISCreport Australian Modern Slavery Act Benchmark Study

Help set the standard of good compliance to accelerate positive change through the Australian MSA

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UK City Transparency Report

Our latest report

UK City Transparency Report

A live report showing city supply chain transparency and engagement with section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act in the UK

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Companies Act 2006 Reform Research Group

The 2006 Companies Act consolidated UK corporate law and provided a codified set of principles on director conduct and responsibilities. However in light of unethical and illegal activities in the UK corporate sphere, there are some changes that would make it harder for fraudulent activities to continue. TISCreport has a unique view of corporate behaviour within the UK and other regulatory environments. This group aims to produce an evidence-based set of recommendations on how to strengthen the Companies Act for the public and economic good.

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Compliance Bot: An AI-Assisted Regulation Tracker

Compliance Bot: An AI-Assisted Regulation Tracker

Help to bring in Compliance 3.0 for non-financial regulations with Compliance Bot, the AI-assisted regulation tracker.

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Set a New Standard for Non-Financial Reporting

TISCreport has been working from the start to make sense of non-financial reporting (NFR) in order to measure both compliance and impact of (hopefully good) compliance.

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Global Modern Slavery Act Compliance Tracker 2.0

The TISCreport Section 54 Compliance Tracker has successfully enabled UK public bodies and companies to track the impact of the legislation nationally and globally.

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Workshop-to-Wardrobe: Apparel Factories Data Set Integration Pilot

There are many data sets shared openly by big brands on their own websites and via third party open data registries.

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