Zoho Import Troubleshooting Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

This troubleshooting guide covers importing your accounts from Zoho CRM or Zoho Bigin to your organisation dashboard.

For general troubleshooting tips, please see our Dashboard Import Troubleshooting page.

Will this count towards my Zoho API usage?

Yes - all API requests made during each import will count towards your API allowance.

The import integration uses a Bulk Read action during each monthly sync, this is estimated to be 60 credits against your API allowance. During the initial setup, several additional individual requests are made to fetch available fields and tags.

You can read more about what your allowances are and how to monitor them in the Zoho API documentation.


There are a large number of organisations saying "Not found"

Please check you have an available field in Zoho which contains the country the organisation is registered/operates and that this field has been mapped during the import setup. Without this mapping it is assumed each organisation is a UK organisation.