Salesforce import troubleshooting

Frequently Asked Questions

This troubleshooting guide covers importing your accounts from your Salesforce CRM instance to your organisation dashboard.

For general troubleshooting tips, please see our Dashboard Import Troubleshooting page.

Why was there an error during the import?

Re-authorise access

In most cases, this is because TISCreport no longer has access to your Salesforce instance. This may happen occassionally if access is revoked or enough time has lapsed between initially setting up the import and then enabling it.

To fix this issue, go to your dashboard and setup the import again to re-authorise access.

Connected apps access policy

Depending on our setup in Salesforce your access policy may be prevent TISCreport automatically importing your organisations. In order to function, TISCreport requires the following configuration:

  • Refresh token is valid until revoked

Or alternatively:

  • Expire refresh token if not used for > 30 days
  • Expire refresh token after > 30 days

You can find documentation regarding access policies using the URL below:

If the error persists, please contact a member of the team who will be able to assist.