Our Global Vision

Our vision is to end modern slavery using technology, the aggregation of useful data and the vast but mostly untapped corporate good will.

No single entity can tackle slavery on its own. Tiscreport aims to bring together all those committed to ending exploitation within supply chains together, to act as one. We believe that business is a huge potential force for good, and our purpose is to provide the right tools to make their efforts more effective in creating a fairer world.

We set up Semantrica Ltd, trading as tiscreport.org, as a social enterprise in order to tackle matters of social justice using our digital skills. We have found kindred spirits in Unseen, Business for the Unseen, CIPS, Business West, the Welsh Government and a growing number of corporate and public organisations. Between us we will ensure that all anti-slavery legislation, including the UK's Modern Slavery Act, the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act and others play their parts to bring justice to as many of the 45 Million lives living in misery as possible. We really hope you will join us, because we are stronger together. 

Complete transparency

we are an open data initiative, which not only makes us completely transparent but enables other open data initiatives to use the data to help promote awareness and best practice in tackling modern slavery.

Accelerated lesson-learning and insights

by joining tiscreport you will automatically be part of your sector group, where best practice reporting methods and results will be shared in order to make faster progress. Our partnership with Cray Analytics will provide massively useful insights into where to focus efforts as our data grow.

Supporting companies to comply

We are building tools and resources with our partners to make going beyond compliance easy. We are also gathering social media ids to help members of the public register their interest in companies and their commitments, and enable them to directly contact companies to positively encourage them to join our registry.