Pricing changes Sept 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

From September 2023 we will no longer be offering Affiliate, Member, Partner or Vanguard membership. Instead we are introducing our new plans Basic, TISC Standard & TISC Enterprise. These new plans aim to simplify our subscription model and offer greater value-for-money.

You can view the new plans on our pricing page:

See our new plans

Does TISCreport still have a free plan?

Yes, those on a free membership can continue to use our system for publishing their compliance documents. If you wish to continue on a freemium plan you can select our Basic plan when you next log in.

Will I lose my Affiliate membership?

No! If you registered before September 2023 your membership will remain as-is and you can continue as an Affiliate member.

My subscription expired, can I renew on my old plan?

Unfortunately any subscription plan not set to auto-renew will naturally expire and we will no longer be offering those plans. Please see our pricing page for an overview of the plans we now offer or ask a member of the team if you need some help choosing.

Why does TISC Standard cost more than the previous Member plan?

Since was established in 2016 we have kept our prices the same and as with all companies we are facing increased costs ourselves. To support the hosting of the website and our incredible teeny-tiny team we have updated our pricing model. To reflect the increased cost we have introduced added benefits which you can see on our pricing page and we will be offering many more datasets and features in the near future!

I'm currently subscribed, what will happen to my account?

If you registered before September 2023 your membership will remain as-is and you can continue with your current plan as long as it is set to auto-renew. If your subscription plan expires you will be prompted to select a new plan on your next log in.

Can public sector organisations still use TISCreport for free?

Yes of course! You can see our options for public sector organisations here.

Do we need to still show the TISC Affiliate logo on our website?

No you do not although we would encourage all members, whether Affiliate or otherwise to link to their transparency profile on TISCreport from their website as means of demonstrating their transparency.