Statutory Guidance on Reporting

The Modern Slavery and Supply Chains Government response document from the Home Office contains the statutory guidance as it stands post-consultation. In section 7 it outlines what NGOs deemed to be necessary for companies to report on annually. They included:

a) A brief description of an organisation's business model and supply chain relationships;

b) A business’ policies relating to modern slavery, including due diligence and auditing processes implemented;

c) Training available and provided to those in:

  • supply chain management and
  • the rest of the organisation;

d) The principal risks related to slavery and human trafficking including, how the organisation evaluates and manages those risks in their organisation and their supply chain; and

e) Relevant key performance indicators (Key performance indicators are measures that will assist the reader of a slavery and human trafficking statement to assess the effectiveness of the activities described in the statement. As the statements will be produced annually, performance indicators are likely to be useful in demonstrating progress from one year to the next. The choice of which measures to use will depend on the individual circumstances of the business).

Many companies are already reporting the necessary information in other reports. If this is the case, we will ask for links to these reports as proof of submission and authentication, as well as uploaded copies for verification rather than ask you to update our report from scratch.