Reasons Companies are Joining tiscreport

Tiscreport is the business partner for going beyond compliance with transparency in supply chains. Formed as a business membership organisation, we exist to empower the business community in hunting down and sustainably eliminating exploitation hidden within their supply chains. 

And here are 11 more brilliant reasons why businesses from the very local to the panglobal are joining with us:

Independent Timestamp of Publication Date

In response to member companies who have expressed concern that other companies may be complying late, and that publishing only on corporate websites makes it easy to hide late submissions, we timestamp all authenticated submissions. By using our authentication and upload process, companies can prove that not only did they comply, they went beyond compliance by publishing and sharing their statements early.

Help, Support and Guidance

  • If you have a statement that you would like a second opinion on before sharing it, we'll give you a free MSA statement review as part of your membership, with pointers on best practice.
  • Further help, advice and guidance will be offered to business members to strengthen their approach over time.

Sustain the UK Anti-Slavery Helpline

  • is the ONLY modern slavery statement registry committed to funding UK's anti-slavery charity work with 50% of all membership fees
  • A self-sustaining registry supported by the business community will maximise the effectiveness of the modern slavery act without impacting on the UK tax payerAmplify Supply Chain Transparency

Amplify Supply Chain Transparency

  • Filing with demonstrates a conscious commitment to increasing transparency
  • Make it easy for your suppliers and members of the public to keep their own supply chains transparent

Retain Complete Control

Business members retain complete control of when and how their statement is shared on a common, secure platform

tiscreport is Neutral

  • The central registry is neutral – ‘tiscreport’ will not benchmark, rank or tier businesses that file modern slavery statements in our database
  • Our business membership model ensures neutrality going forward, encouraging best practice and providing support to increase effectiveness of members

tiscreport is Backed by Industry

  • is partnered by the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply, Business West, The West of England Initiative and Bristol Chamber of Commerce, The International Chambers of Commerce, the Welsh Government Anti-Slavery Partnership, Unseen...
  • ...with more signing up weekly (watch this space!)

tiscreport is Ethical and Sustainable

  • Semantrica Ltd (trading as is a social enterprise with b-corp status pending
  • Semantrica is partnered with the award-winning charity Unseen via a legally binding commercial participation agreement
  • is built using well-supported and secure open-source digital technology solutions

Secure Authentication

Tiscreport has a full authentication process to ensure it holds genuine statements – unlike tools that scrape the web

Monitor Your Supply Chains

Businesses can monitor their supply chain via search and also via their own private, secure supplier dashboard. This will show known compliance statuses of suppliers in 

Tools For Reports

Businesses filing will have access to tools and materials such as an intelligent statement builder and KPI tracker

Share Sector Intelligence

Businesses will also form a wider community to confidentially share experiences and good practice