Data Partners

It's far easier to achieve our mission when we find organisations who share the same values as us.  We have a growing number of partners who work with us to amplify the power of the data our members are sharing. Some of them are listed below. Why not join them and work with us too?

Cray Inc

Our friends at Cray, here in Bristol, have designated us as a Cray-supported start-up, giving us access to unprecedented analytical capability as we join up with the data sources across the world. As such they are a founding data partner of tiscreport and we are grateful for their support and enthusiasm.


CSRHub is the world's largest sustainability business intelligence database. Their ratings and tools help professionals benchmark, evaluate, and improve company sustainability performance. CSRHub will be sharing their data with us and linking to our registry going forward on an open data partnership. 

Development International

Founded in 2011 in Germany, Development International (DI) is a not-for-profit organization specialized in areas where law, business and development intersect.  DI's point of departure is to bring independent scientific scrutiny, clarity, and accuracy to bear on issues impacting quality of life, thus enabling constructive discussions and the conversation to move forward.  We chiefly carry out research, e.g. cost-benefit analyses and compliance evaluations, and we build capacity to transfer knowledge and competencies to other stakeholders along the process.

Open Corporates

Modern slavery is a global problem and must be tackled by the global business community. Open Corporates is an outstanding organisation with a vision that is not only ambitious but truly aligned with our own, to provide complete transparency across all corporations on the planet, one database at a time. Even more inspiring is that they are a UK company. By mutual use of our open data APIs we intend to speed up progress in our respective missions, and hopefully have a lot of (geeky) fun at the same time. The international company data you find on tiscreport comes from Open Corporates and all the data sources they have painstakingly brought together. 

Open Contracting

Shortly after our meeting of minds with Open Corporates, they introduced us to the awesome force that is Open Contracting. Their mission is to bring transparency to public sector procurement and beyond, with the aim of driving out corruption where it might occur.  They're already working with the Government Digital Service here in the UK and we are looking to ensure that we embed and promote their open contracting standards with all of our public sector members.


Based in New York, Bluenumber is a not-for-profit organisation looking to provide individuals working within the darkest parts of our global supply chains a way of identifying themselves to others. Trialling in Japan, we are planning a pilot together in 2017 with one or two of our relevant sector members to see if we can help provide more transparency and fairness, right down to worker-level. We're also in talks to see how their API currently can play a part in our early plans. Very excited!